Are Women Saving Enough?

October 28, 2020By Bethany W

Presented by Philip Clark, CFP®, September 2020 Are women saving and investing enough today? How about you? Do you feel financially prepared for the future? Taking control of your financial future is so important, and it starts with saving and investing actively. Here are some of the reasons this is crucial. The earnings gap. Men … Read More

Wise Money Moves Young Women Can Make

October 14, 2019By Bethany W

In support of breast cancer awareness month, we are focusing the next few articles on wealth issues impacting women. This article will cover retirement must-haves. We encourage you to donate to charitable organizations of your choosing. Not only it is a great tax saving strategy, it also just makes you feel good. If you would … Read More

Managing Volatility Through Diversification

September 15, 2019By Bethany W

Shelley Schexnayder, Communications, Senior Advisor at 1st Global It’s impossible to time the market perfectly or completely avoid market fluctuations, and every year, there is significant rotation on which of the asset classes at right perform well or poorly. So how can long-term investors not only endure market fluctuations but plan for them in their … Read More