Supplemental Disability

There are certain circumstances, careers, and lifestyles that require custom solutions for disability, life, medical, and contingency risks. In partnership with the prestigious and internationally recognized Lloyds of London, KROST Wealth offers comprehensive insurance for individuals and groups. These plans supplement standard life and health insurance to make sure you, your loved ones, and your business are protected in the event of unexpected accident, injury, and other risks.

Personal High Limit Disability Insurance

Lloyds of London can insure you, when others can or won't.

In partnership with Lloyds of London, we offer many high limit disability plans designed for individuals who are not satisfied with coverage from the traditional market. Our plans are custom designed for persons from all industries and financial backgrounds. Our goal is to keep you and your family financially secure with one of our tailored high limit personal disability plans.

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Guaranteed-Issue Multi-Life Disability Insurance

Supplemental Disability Insurance for Attorneys, Executives, Surgeons, and More.

If a disability inhibits one from working, the financial strain can be catastrophic; everyday costs suddenly become nearly impossible to cover. Even with a disability insurance plan in place, it may be hard to continue living a fulfilling lifestyle; many plans only cover the bare bones. Because many highly compensated employees have difficulty obtaining adequate and reasonable amounts of disability insurance through their group long term disability insurance plans, Lloyds of London offers a high limit supplemental group plan.

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Buy-Sell Business Disability Insurance

Ensure the stability of your company with a buy/sell plan.

In partnership with Lloyds of London, KROST Wealth offer many high limit disability insurance plans designed to cover your business and your buy/sell agreements. These plans are invaluable should the company experience an unfortunate or untimely accident, injury, or death.

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Loss of License (Pilots)

Protection against the temporary or permanent loss of your pilot's license.

Lloyds of London has designed a loss of license insurance plan that will cover pilots if they lose their medical certificate and are no longer able to fly. Plans cover corporate, helicopter, charter operator, firefighter, commercial, agricultural, stunt, and test pilots. Coverage is available on an individual or guaranteed issue basis for groups.

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Insure your assets and protect yourself against injury.

Designed for individuals in the movie, television, and music industries. Plans offer income replacement in the event of an unexpected accident or injury.

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Sports Disability

Limit the financial risk of injury with sports disability coverage.

In partnership with Lloyds of London, KROST Wealth offers draft protection, racer coverage, professional jockey plans, and disability insurance for pro golfers.

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