As one annually services their automobile for an oil change and routine maintenance, it is also prudent to review your trust to confirm that your original documents are consistent with your wishes.

At a minimum, one should look at the following provisions of their trust to determine if any changes are required:

  1. Successor Trustee – Are the successor trustees named still valid? Should a new family member or trusted advisor be listed instead? If a corporate trustee has been originally named, this should be discussed with your advisor or estate attorney to discuss the pros and cons.
  2. Disposition Provisions – Are your dispositive terms still consistent with your original intent? Are any additional family members or friends to be added, trusts to be created upon your death, or changes to charitable beneficiaries? As life events change, these provisions may require updating.
  3. Overall Subtrusts Created Upon Death – With the current high estate exemption amount and the use of portability for married couples, should alternative structures be discussed instead of the use of subtrusts?

On another note, the IRS has announced the 2023 gift and estate amounts as follows:

Lifetime Gift and Estate Tax Exemption Amount $12,920,000
Annual Gift Exemption Amount $17,000

The Lifetime Gift and Estate Tax Exemption amount is scheduled to sunset as of December 31, 2025, reverting to its prior exemption amount of $5,000,000 plus inflation (approximately $7,000,000).

Note: Any changes to your estate plan must be drafted by your attorney.

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