Guaranteed-Issue Disability Insurance

If a disability inhibits one from working, the financial strain can be catastrophic; everyday costs suddenly become nearly impossible to cover. Even with a disability insurance plan in place, it may be hard to continue living a fulfilling lifestyle; many plans only cover the bare bones. Because many highly compensated employees have difficulty obtaining adequate and reasonable amounts of disability insurance through their group long-term disability insurance plans, Lloyds of London has constructed a high limit supplemental group plan.

Coverage Available for:

  • Law firms
  • Surgeons
  • Airlines
  • Shareholders

In partnership with Lloyds of London, KROST Wealth offers both a group and a multi-life approach to this problem, in addition to premium discounts and underwriting concessions. In participation with another disability insurance plan already in place, this plan can insure a person for up to 75% of their income and has issue limits of $100,000 per month or more. We understand that not all people and certainly not all groups are the same; therefore, if the group has special needs, our firm will design a custom group insurance plan to cover them.

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