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Areas of Expertise

• Investment Planning
• Tax Planning
• Income Protection and Asset Preservation
• Retirement Planning
• Business Planning
• Estate Planning
• Insurance
• Education Planning
• Risk Management
• Debt Management

Philip Clark, CPWA®,CFP®, CLU®


Philip Clark got his start in the financial sector at Wachovia Bank and Securities in 2004, where he discovered a passion for working with people. In 2008, he shifted to the portfolio management division at Raymond James, ultimately moving to the retail division, where he helped clients manage their long-term finances. After a successful five years at Raymond James and Associates, Clark made the leap to operate independently with an affiliated firm, SPC Financial, based out of Rockville, Maryland. The firm, ranked President’s level, is one of Forbes’ top 100 independent firms annually. It was there that he learned that financial planning involved more than simply managing investments, but rather, finding solutions by understanding clients’ worries and needs.

After watching the film Too Big to Fail, Phil decided he could do more, and so he launched Bayboro Wealth Management in St. Petersburg, Florida. “My goal with Bayboro Wealth Management was to take the greed out of the financial planning process. After all, this is a people business, not an investment business,” remarks Clark when asked about the transformative time. He found through this journey that the returns and protections acquired for clients were not simply to fatten coffers, but to add real value to clients’ lives as business people, family members, and community leaders. While operating Bayboro Wealth, Phil realized a true need to expand the business beyond the traditional. He began offering comprehensive wealth management, including Estate and Tax Consulting, as well as Insurance Analysis to complement Retirement and Investment Strategy.

In 2018, Phil took another leap and joined KROST, a tax and accounting firm based in Greater Los Angeles, as their Director of Wealth Management for their practice, KROST Wealth. In this role, Clark focuses on Financial Planning for business owners, Hollywood professionals, executives, and affluent families with a mission to create opportunity and add value to his clients’ lives.

Phil is a Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) professional. The CPWA® certification is an advanced professional education and certification program for advisors who serve high-net-worth clients. Review this brochure for an outline of what the CPWA® certification is and what it takes to earn certification, including the four “E’s”: education, ethics, experience, and exam.

Phil takes pride in helping clients prioritize their financial goals. He has a passion for taking complex tax and investment strategies and integrating them in a logical and comprehensive way. It’s been a common thread throughout his career to put people first.

During his downtime, Phil enjoys golf, snowboarding, and reading, as well as the Dodgers. A graduate of Florida State University, Phil enjoys following the Noles and watching in person whenever they travel to the West Coast. Phil is also a member of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association.

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