Personal High Limit Disability Insurance

Highly compensated individuals are often left underinsured for disability insurance benefits. The Personal High Limit Disability plan has been developed specifically to meet the needs of these high-income earners who need to protect themselves and their families from the devastating financial consequences of a debilitating injury or illness.

Personal Disability Insurance allows people to not only continue fostering their children’s quality education and put three well-balanced meals on the table, but to continue living in the manner to which they have become accustomed. If properly insured, they can continue living comfortably in the face of a temporary or permanent disability.

When everyday personal expenses are suddenly unfunded, saving accounts dwindle rapidly; when there is no monthly income, it will become difficult to support families, maintain houses, and sustain certain lifestyles. Unfortunately, traditional disability carriers cannot provide everyone with the personal disability coverage they require. Some people are deemed uninsurable because of their age, their employment in a risky occupation, the location of their workplace, their medical history, frequent international travel, or simply the need for a high limit disability plan that a traditional carrier won’t underwrite.

In partnership with Lloyds of London, KROST Wealth offers many high limit disability plans designed for individuals who are not satisfied with coverage from the traditional market. Our plans are custom designed for all industries and financial backgrounds. At KROST Wealth, we do not intend to compete with traditional disability carriers; we aim to supplement coverage where needed and to offer coverage when other carriers cannot.

Our goal is to keep you and your family financially secure with one of our tailored high limit personal disability plans.

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