Countdown to College

July 7, 2020By Bethany W

As a parent, of course you want to give your child the best opportunity for success, and for many, attending the “right” university or college is that opportunity. Unfortunately, being accepted to the college of one’s choice may not be as easy as it once was. Additionally, the earlier you consider how you expect to … Read More

Insurance Needs for Empty Nesters and Retirees

June 7, 2020By Bethany W

Thinking about coverage as you enter a new phase. Presented by Philip Clark, CFP®, June 2020 With the children now out of the house, financial priorities become more focused on preparing for retirement. At this stage, you may very likely be at the height of your earning power and fast approaching peak savings as you … Read More

Getting a Head Start on College Savings

April 14, 2020By Bethany W

The hows and whys of college savings.  Provided by Philip Clark, CFP® The American family with a child born today can expect to spend about $233,610 to raise that child to the age of 18. And if you’ve already traded that supercharged convertible dream for a minivan, you can expect your little one’s college education … Read More

Women & Money Paralysis

October 14, 2019By Bethany W

In support of breast cancer awareness month, we are focusing the next few articles on wealth issues impacting women. This article will cover retirement must-haves. We encourage you to donate to charitable organizations of your choosing. Not only it is a great tax saving strategy, it also just makes you feel good. If you would … Read More