1. What was a new discovery you made this year? What did you discover that you loved?
  2. What was one of the biggest, pleasant surprises you experienced this year?
  3. What achievement are you most proud of?
  4. What was your favorite purchase of the year?
  5. What was a new habit or routine you created this year that has improved your efficiency at home or work?
  6. What events brought you the most joy this year?
    a. What can you do to do more of that?
  7. What events/issues brought you the most stress?
    a. What can you do to limit this?
  8. What people in your life gave you joy, better energy or made you comfortable?
    a. What can you do FOR that person?
  9. What people brought stress, sucked energy or made you feel un-comfortable?
    a. What can you do to avoid/eliminate that person?
  10. What’s an aspect of self-regulation you’ve gotten better at this year? Ie. Going to bed earlier, applying moisturizer, exercising…
  11. What lesson did you learn in 2022? How will that help you in 2023?
  12. What are you thankful for? Better be a lot
  13. What events, items didn’t happen to you that you are happy about? What brought you joy because it DIDN’T happen?
  14. How can you be a better:
    a. Son/Daughter
    b. Father/Mother
    c. Brother/Sister
    d. Friend/Partner
    e. Employee/Manager
  15. How many books did you read (books on tape do not count)?
  16. Name 5 most important things in your life
    a. Name one technology you could shut out of your life, and how would that effect the amount of time you spend on the important things?
  17. List 5 personal / family priorities, how have they changed in 2022?
    a. Ie. Integrity, patience, action, appreciation/gratitude
  18. Tell your mother and Father you love them and thank them for their sacrifice. Even if they aren’t alive.
  19. Tell your best friend you love them and thank them for their friendship.
  20. Tell your financial advisor you love him and thank him and send him more money.

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